Terms of Service

Use of our services is contingent upon the following simple rules.

TollFree TollFree LLC reserves the right to change the rates table at any time unless otherwise specified in your contract.

You may not place calls without the intent of communicating with the answering party.

You may not access our system via any fraudulent means or for fradulent purposes.

You must follow all local laws where you are as well as state and federal laws in the United States regarding any services you provide in conjunction with our services.

Payments are made subject to our rates page

If you are an individual we will not send a payment unless we have a social security number or tax payer identification number (businesses are generally exempt from this rule).

Payments are based on the percentage of total traffic you generate each month, and not actual minutes used. For example if you generated 10% of the total traffic for the month, and our carriers pay us for 1,000,000 minutes that month, you would receive payment for 100,000 minutes at your pay rate tier.

If you use our system in conjunction with any illegal activity, whether direct or indirect, your account will be closed. We intent to collect any legal fees arising from any breach of this agreement.

All claims resulting out of the use of our system will be in brought in the State of Wyoming.